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Bryce Brothers Glass

EAPG Bryce Brothers Glass Co's Amber Willow Oak Plate


Antique Bryce Brothers Glass My Lady's Workbox Wine Water Goblet


Antique Glass EAPG 1887 Bryce Bros ARGENT Rope Band 11" Cake Stand Salver Plate


Gorgeous 1889 EAPG Bryce Brothers Fishscale Glass Spoon Rest


Vintage Bryce Brothers Chinese Glass BLUE SHOE Sled Taboggan Snow EAPG 1800s


EAPG 1880's Bryce Brothers Glass BLUE DAISY & BUTTON Honeycomb Optic TUMBLERS


Antique EAPG Celery Vase Zig Zag Mitred Bars Bryce Bros 1880's U.S.Glass 1898


EAPG PERT by BRYCE BROTHERS GLASS CO CREAMER aka Ribbed Forget Me Not circa 1880


Bryce Brothers Glass BLUE SHOE Pat'd Oct 19 1886 7.25" Long DAISY


Vintage Bryce Brothers Canary Vaseline Glass DIAMOND QUILTED Footed Celery Vase


eapg water Pitcher, Coral / Fishscale,Bryce Bros, PA, c1890, 8.5"


eapg water Pitcher, Magic / Rosette, Bryce Bros Glass Co. c1880, 9.25"


Antique EAPG Glass dark Aqua Perfumery Stand Bryce Brothers Era Pressed RARE


EAPG Bryce Brothers Brazil PANELED DAISY White Milk Glass Covered Butter Dish


BRYCE BROTHERS EAPG Wine/Cordial Glass CATHEDRAL Pattern circa 1884


Antique EAPG Bryce Bros. Leverne Pattern Glass Pitcher Applied Handle




🔵 Bryce Brothers Glass Co. EAPG 6 1/4" Creamer ARGENT aka Rope Band c. 1884


RARE Bryce Bros PITTSBURGH Pattern EAPG Glass Cake Stand C1890 Prism Gobules EXC


🔵 Bryce Brothers Glass EAPG 6 5/8" Creamer DERBY Pleat & Panel Pattern C. 1882


Water Goblet Glass, Antique EAPG 1890 Bryce Bros US yellow "Block" stain Amber


Vintage EAPG Glass Bryce Brothers Buckle with Star Set of 4 Sherbet Glasses


Antique 19th Century Bryce Brothers Daisy and Button EAPG Glass Pitcher


RARE 1800's Willow Oak Pattern EAPG Bryce Brothers Pedestal Glass Compote Dish


Vintage Bryce Brothers EAPG Creamer Pitcher - willow Oak 1870 pressed glass


Large Bryce Brothers EAPG Crystal Oversized Glass Shoe - Daisy & Button


Bryce Brothers Glass Willow Oak water/wine service tray eapg c. 1890 ish


Vintage Bryce Brothers "EL RANCHO" Milk Glass Water Tumblers 5 1/2"


1880's EAPG Pattern Glass Bryce Bros. Ribbon Candy 8 Inch Dinner Plate


C 1870 BRYCE BROS Pittsburgh PA FINE CUT EAPG Pressed Glass Spooner Vase Dish


Vintage EAPG Clear Glass Bryce Bros Spring on Snow Stippled Celery Vase


Early American Pattern Glass Bryce Brothers Rose in Snow Handled Plate


EAPG Antique Bryce Brothers "REGAL" 10.5-inch Cake Stand PANELED FORGET-ME-NOT


EAPG Pattern Glass Finecut and Panel Spooner U.S.Glass Company 1891 Bryce Bros.


Vintage EAPG Bryce Bros Cathedral Clear Glass Spooner


Vintage EAPG Bryce Brothers Wheat and Barley Creamer Pitcher 1880s pattern glass


Antique Bryce Bros/US Glass Yellow Vaseline Cathedra Pattern EAPG Bowl


RaRe EAPG U.S. Glass (Bryce Brothers) Frosted Circle Pedestal Cake Stand


1888 EAPG Pattern Glass Bryce Bros Fish Scale 1 Quart Milk Pitcher


Bryce Brothers Glass Finecut Pattern Plates (4), EAPG Yellow Vaseline Blue Clear


PV02539 EAPG Bryce Brothers CATHEDRAL Glass Fish Shaped Relish c1885- Amber


1880 Antique EAPG Pattern Glass Bryce Bros. Jasper, Late Buckle, 11" Cake Stand


EAPG Bryce Bros Clear Glass Amazon Diamond Sawtooth Banana Stand 1890


EAPG Antique Bryce Brothers "ORION" Spooner Spoon Vase CATHEDRAL


Beaded Oval & Scroll Berry Bowl EAPG Dot Clear Glass Bryce Brothers 1880 Antique