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Dearmond Guitar Pickups

Vintage Guitar Pickups DeArmond? Low output sweeeeet


DeArmond model 800 acoustic guitar pickup WITH ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS


Vintage 1960’s DeArmond Silverfoil guitar pickup. Harmony 10.83 Gold Foil NOS!


Dearmond Electric Guitar Pickup Gold Foil 1960s 9.95K K ohms Nice!


Vintage DeArmond 210 sound hole guitar pickup 9.70k Ohm. NICE!!


DeArmond 210 Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup- 9.5k Ohms-Tested!


1969 DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1100 Archtop Guitar Pickup “Monkey On A Stick" Pickup


DeArmond Hershey Bar Pickup w Harness - Harmony Silvertone Stratotone Hollywood


DeArmond Guitar Pick-up F-HC-C NOS


Vintage 1965 DeArmond Silverfoil guitar pickup. Harmony 10.46k Gold Foil


Vintage 1969 DeArmond Goldfoil guitar pickup. Harmony. 8.14 Gold Foil NICE!


1966 Harmony H-41 Hollywood Project Guitar with 2 DeArmond “Golden Tone” Pickups


Vintage DeArmond Guitar Pickups w/ adjustable poles - NOS new old mounting plate


Vintage DeArmond Model 700 mandolin pickup.


DeArmond M65-C Electric Guitar with Epiphone Humbucker Pickups


Gretsch Pre-Fender G3110 Historic Prototype Guitar w Hardcase (dearmond pickups)


DeArmond M-65C Electric Guitar, Epi Pickups,Tuners,,More Upgrades,Very Nice


DeArmond M66 Electric Guitar Tangerine Finish w/ DeArmo-tron Pickups


Vintage 1960s DeArmond Model 1200 Acoustic Guitar Pickup


1962 Harmony Hollywood Archtop H39 Guitar with Single DeArmond Gold Foil Pickup!


Harmony H-1 Copper Lap Steel Electric Guitar with DeArmond Hershey Bar Pickup


Vintage DeArmond 1200 Soundhole Pickup


TV Jones T-Armond DeArmond Mount Bridge Chrome Guitar Pickup


DeArmond 260 Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup


Vintage 60's Kay Vangard Deluxe Guitar Dearmond Pickups Harness Panel Project


Vintage 1960's DeArmond Rhythm Chief Archtop Guitar Pickup-Needs Rewind-AS-IS


1963 Harmony Broadway Archtop Guitar H95 with single DeArmond Pickup, EXC!


DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1000 Reissue Floating Pickup in Nickel


Vtg Rowe DeArmond GUITAR MIKE Flat Top Guitar Microphone Pick-Up NEEDS REPAIR


DeArmond Vintage 1968 Music Instrument Electric Long Pickup Guitar Bass


1950s DeArmond Rhythm Chief Floating Archtop Pickup


Guild DeArmond Guitar


Vtg 1970s Rowe DeArmond Flat Top R.H.C.-B. Guitar Microphone Pickup BOX


Argyle "Gold Foil" deArmond Airline Style Pickup Cover ,chrome (2)


DeArmond pickup "monkey on a stick" pressure mount reproduction


Two slot "Gold Foil" deArmond harmony Style Pickup Cover ,chrome (2)


NOS Vintage 1960’s-70’s Harmony DeArmond Rowe Gold Foil Pickup With V/T Controls


DeArmond Tone Boss passive soundhole pickup for steel string acoustic guitar