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Old Glory

25mm Old Glory painted metal Medieval Norman Mounted Knights x4


Old Glory First Crusade Arab Armored Cavalry 25/28mm


Old Glory AWI 25mm Continental Light Infantry & Artillery - Primed and Based


Old Glory WBS-29 25mm ACW Prone Infantry Skirmishing (30 Figures)


25mm Old Glory Napoleonic, French Infantry 1809 (based)


Old Glory Miniatures 25mm Lepanto Wars Turkish Galley-NIP


Old Glory WP-13 Old West United States Cavalry Advancing in Column (10 Miniature


NEW! Old Glory Ancients TTW-8 Trojan Hero's Heavy Infantry


Old Glory Miniatures Napoleonics XXE-1 Covered Wagon - Lead 28mm New in Bag!


 Old Glory American Civil War Union Infantry Skirmishing ACW6


Old Glory CHI10 Chicago Gangster Buildings Bugsy Moran's Garage 1930s Terrain


Old Glory Third Crusade Knights 25/28mm - NEW


Old Glory AWI-9 Continental Line Advancing Gaiters Hat (30) Miniatures Infantry


REDUCED! 25/28mm Old Glory primed metal & based Cretan(?) Greek archers x30


Old Glory Miniatures FPW23 Zouaves


NEW! Old Glory Ancients TTW-10 Trojan Hero's in Chariot


Old Glory AWI-19 British Advancing (30) 25mm Miniatures Line Infantry Colonial


Old Glory WBS-54 ACW Dismounted Confederate Cavalry Skirmishing with Command NIB


Old Glory AWI-42 AWI Continental Personalities (6) Miniatures Mounted Command


25mm Old Glory WWI American 75mm Field Gun & Crew


25/28mm unpainted metal Old Glory brand Ancient CWG-28 Cretan Archers x30




Painted 15mm Old Glory Ashigaru


Old Glory AWI-49 Black Troops in Bicorne (30) 25mm Miniatures Infantry Advancing


Old Glory AWI-31 Continental Firing Line Hunting Shirt Hat with Command Infantry


Old Glory AWI-18 British March Attack (30) Miniatures Line Infantry Troopers NIB


Old Glory FIW-18 Personalities Wolfe Montcalm Colonels (9) Miniatures British


Old Glory FIW-28 French & Indian Wars Natives with Bows (30) Miniatures Indians


REDUCED! 25/28mm Old Glory primed metal & based Balearic Islands slingers x30


Old Glory Viking Slayer 25mm Viking Ship w/Crew Box MINT


Old Glory Ancients Loose Mini Cavalry Collection NM


Old Glory Miniatures Battle Honors 7026 S20TL Dragoon Portee French Laffy


Old Glory 25mm Miniatures, Characters at the OK Corral MW 105, NEW


25/28mm unpainted metal Old Glory brand Ancient PPR-1 Foot Command


Old Glory AWI-28 Continental Light Infantry Peaked Cap Lace on Plate w/ Command


Old Glory Colonialism Spanish American War Cuban Rebel Infantry w/Co Pack MINT